2016 Financial Data

2016 was our first year of existence. We formed in August of 2016, and were approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 in October of 2016.

Shortly receiving our IRS 501(c)3 designation, we were able to take on our first dog, Pasha, who was found as a stray in Meade County, KY after being hit by a car, and suffering from a fractured femur. Later in the same month, Skittles, a skittish dog, joined us from New Albany, IN.

Being a 501(c)3, we firmly believe in being transparent and publishing available data. So, we’re sharing our data for 2016.

The first image below shows our total monetary income and expenses between August and December 2016, as well as the breakdown of the expenses.

The other images show the expenses in terms of dollar amount, as well as percentages.

2016 was a good year, and we will do our best to make 2017 an even better one. Our goal for 2017 is to save 10 dogs. This is an aggressive goal and means that several things will have to be in place, but we believe that together, we can do this!