Skittles – Update

Late in October of 2016, we were contacted by a shelter in southern Indiana about a dog that was paralyzed with fear at the shelter. We agreed to help this dog, we named Skittles, in an attempt to help her overcome her emotional health issues.

Upon arriving at the shelter, we realized just how bad that Skittles’ condition was. She truly was scared of almost everything. Her way of dealing with her fear was to urinate and run away. It took all we had just to get her into our car, which was parked literally right outside of the shelter’s front door.

Luckily for Skittles, she likes the company of other dogs, and we were able to help her. For the first several weeks, we could not interact much with her. Instead, we allowed her to follow the lead of our own dogs. She learned to go to her crate for food and sleep. She learned that the other dogs come to us for loving and attention, and once she decided that it’s ok to approach us, things became much better for her. She soon began to trust us.

Skittles has flourished into a fun loving, mischievous young black lab. She enjoys going for walks, playing with the other dogs, eating, and taking naps. She is available for adoption and will soon have her first “audition”.

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