Jingle Paws 2016

Save the Date: December 5th, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 8:00pm

What: Jingle Paws – Christmas Crafts Bazar

Where: 3500 Chateau Way, Floyds Knobs, IN (Woods of Lafayette Clubhouse)

Save One Soul will have a booth at this event, where we will have many of our home crafted items available for sale.

Come on out and see us and the other vendors.


Skittles – 10/29/2016

Video of Skittles on her first outing

Update on Skittles:

Skittles is slowly starting to get used to life. She is still very fearful of people, objects, and sounds that are new to her. To help her gain self-confidence, we took her to the park on Thursday. She started out being overwhelmed, but learned quickly that trips to the park can be fun. She also learned to trust Andy, who handled her during this trip.

Skittles – 10/26/2016

Late last week, a shelter in Southern Indiana approached us about a black lab mix that was in severe emotional distress at the shelter.

Knowing, that emotional distress and behavior problems are the main cause of euthanasia in dogs, we agreed to step up in an effort to save this dog’s life. After all, our mission is to provide help for unowned and shelter dogs with illness or injuries. This includes emotional health.

When Andy and Heike went to the shelter to pick the dog (we have named her Skittles) up, we quickly realized how scared and skittish Skittles was. She truly is afraid of life itself.

We have brought her home, where she met our dogs. Our experience has been that a confident pack is essential in helping dogs like Skittles adjust and gain confidence for themselves.

Skittles will most likely be a long-term case. We will keep you updated on her progress. Below are a couple of pictures of Skittles. As you can tell in the pictures, she is still very leery of humans at this time.


Picture: Skittles – new to our home

Picture: Skittles – new to our home – terrified of the world

Pasha – Update 11/3/2016

Pasha Update

Pasha, the young homeless dog that was hit by a car, is recovering from a surgical repair of his femur. Alissa, his foster mom, has shared with us that he is doing well. Pasha remains on strict crate rest, and now, as the of pain in his leg has improved, he is starting to protest about his confinement. He has started to act in a more mischievous manner, just as you would expect a puppy to act. As you can see in the video, Pasha is an extremely sweet dog.

Pasha still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Once his leg will be healed, he will require physical therapy to help rebuild the muscle tissue in his leg. This will be a very important component of his recovery.

We can’t wait to see him run and play as he should, when he is fully recovered!

Video: Pasha enjoying a meal.

Pasha on 10/21/2016 after Surgery

Pasha, the stray dog that was hit by a car in Meade County, had surgery to repair his fractured femur yesterday.

Pasha did really well during surgery. The fracture was repaired using wire and a pin. The pin will remain in Pasha for some time, and he will be on strict crate rest for several weeks. Pasha was already released from Elk Creek Animal Hospital today. Below are pictures of Pasha after surgery, and a video of the happy reunion with Alissa, his foster mom.

This young and super sweet dog was facing at best a very uncertain future, and we are honored that we were asked to help him. If you would like to help contribute to his care, donations can be made online by clicking on the “Donation” button on our Facebook page. Checks can be sent to PO Box 353, Hillview, KY 40129.

Thanks for all you do!



Pasha – Update 10/19/2016

Pasha, the dog that was hit by a car and not claimed by his owners, went to the vet for an assessment yesterday. A big thanks to Dr. Caryl Kline from Preston Animal Hospital, who came in on her day off, just to meet and treat this great little guy!

Pasha was found to be heartworm negative (yay!), but he did have hookworms, for he is being treated. He was also vaccinated, and, since he will need surgery, we had a blood workup done for him.
The surgery will be complex, and will most likely be done by Elk Creek on Thursday, 10/20/2016. We will keep him comfortable until then.

Pasha will also need physical therapy after surgery.
Despite his injury, Pasha is so sweet that the doctors and staff at Preston Animal Hospital quickly fell in love with this great little dog (he only weighs about 25 lbs).

Thanks to Alissa, who has stepped up to foster this sweet dog.

Pasha is pictured below as he is getting dressed to go to the vet, and in the car on his way to the vet.

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Save One Soul's photo.

Pasha – 10/18/2016


Pasha's X-ray
Pasha’s X-ray

Pasha’s X-Ray Lateral View

Here is a video of Pasha, and the x-rays that were done by the initial rescue (The Spirit Fund of Meade County) are also shown.

Pasha was picked up by animal control in Meade County as a stray after being hit by a car. This was on 10/12/16, so he has been living in pain, not being able to use his hind leg for quite some time now.

Pasha will be going to see the vet later today for assessment and a treatment plan, which will include surgery. We have been advised that if this fracture will not be surgically repaired, the muscles in Pasha‘s leg will contract, causing permanent damage to his leg.

Donations to help with Pasha‘s vet care are appreciated, and can be made by clicking on the “Donate” button on this page. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 353, Hillview, KY, 40129.


Welcome to Save One Soul

Save-One-Soul (SOS) is a Louisville, KY based 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization that works towards improving the quality of life and welfare of pets in the Louisville and surrounding areas by providing veterinary care to un-owned  or shelter animals that are in the most urgent need.

We have already started saving dogs. Pasha was our first case. He required surgery for a fractured leg, and he is currently recovering at his foster home.

Next followed Skittles, a skittish dog in need of emotional health for her extremely low self confidence.

We are looking forward to saving many more dogs in the future.

Together, we can do great things.